Welcome to The Jingle Vlog Social Experiment.

The idea from this came from an experiment that Chris Pirillo did with multiple videos playing on the same page.

Then he made a Jingle Bells with NINE frames video and I thought it would be fun if lots of people particiapted and added to a video wall of Jingle Bells singers.

Press play on each of these to have them play at the same time!

What I've found is that you have to press PLAY on each of them, then PAUSE until they load, the PLAY again.

To join in, upload your video to Revver.com with the title "Jingle Bells With (YourName). You can play the Chris Pirillo one in the background so you can be in sync with the others.

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Happy Holidays!
Chris Pirillo Steve Garfield Nalts
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Inspired by Chris Pirillo. This page by Steve Garfield.