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New Media Tools you can use to tell your story RIGHT NOW!

Presented at the Social Media Jungle Boston 3/10/09

A Revolution in Video.

Presented at Inbound Marketing Summit 10/08/09

Steve Garfield demystifies the process of putting video on the web.  His speaking style is fun, personal and engaging. Garfield listens to the audience and includes them in his presentations.

Email Steve for his speaking fee and other information. ( steve @ )

Sample Presentations (Video):

Speaking Topics:

This Week In Steve

This presentation is always changing and is a favorite of students.

Steve reviews the most recent posts on his blog and explains why he made them, the technology he used, and the social media techniques he uses to get his posts seen.

This presentation is always current and interactive. (1 hour)

Great Web Videos Made EASY

Learn tips & tricks for great videos, including how to tell a story, think like an editor, plan your shots, create interviews and B-roll, determine the best sound and microphone placement and use existing and artificial light. You’ll learn about capturing video, editing techniques, adding music and sound effects, creating titles and credits, exporting your video for uploading and various hosting choices (YouTube, Facebook,, Vimeo, etc.).

Putting Video Online With the Click of A Red Button

The easiest way to put video online is to click a red button. Which button to choose though, is the question. In this session, we'll make videos together and put them online, while discussing the benefits of each method. Among the options we'll be discussing are webcams, cell phones, online services, and digital still cameras. Talk finishes with a revolutionary Video experiment.

New Media Tools For Journalism

Covers a range of methods including text, photo and video. Reporting from a cellphone. Live streaming. This content can be customized to your needs. Includes live examples and audience participation.

Contact me for a custom presentation geared to  your audience.

I always love the energy in Steve's presentations. His way of having everyone participate while simultaneously demystifying technology leaves me feeling like I am watching theater instead of a presentation. Joselin Mane